Pre-Order: Guilty Gear -Strive- Desk Mat and Get a FREE Copic Marker Set!

Teaming up with Copic, ARC SHOP US is thrilled to present a unique opportunity to our fans and customers. In case you missed the COPIC marker showcase at Anime Expo 2023, now is your chance to take advantage of this time-limited deal.

We are opening a brief pre-order window that allows fans to choose a desk mat from various options, including I-NO, Zato, Giovanna, May, and Nagoriyuki, along with a Copic marker set (Heaven or Hell or Let's Rock). When both items are added to your cart, an instant discount will be applied, effectively providing you with the Copic marker set for FREE!

Alternatively, if you're solely interested in acquiring the marker set, we have a special gift for you. Pre-order any Copic marker set, and we will include 2 random gold Precious Chibi cards—a value addition of $29.98! This promotion is considered a special event, meaning an event-exclusive Precious Chibi card (like the gold Bedman version) may be included.

We are enthusiastic about the potential to introduce more captivating collaborations in the near future. We truly value and appreciate our fans and customers for your enthusiasm and ongoing support! Stay tuned for more special offers, deals, and contests coming up at ARC SHOP US!

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