Calling all card collectors, hobbyists, and Guilty Gear fans! Are you looking to add something irresistibly cute to your card collection? Look no further than the official Precious Chibi cards from Guilty Gear -Strive-!

Our Precious Chibi cards come in two versions: Gold and Silver. Each card features a production date and an official Guilty Gear foil emblem to ensure authenticity. The Gold cards feature a unique rainbow-effect foil, while the Silver cards are stamped with a striking blue metallic foil.

The Gold version is a rare collector's item, with each card serialized and individually numbered. To preserve their exclusivity and prevent resellers from buying out the entire stock, Gold cards will be produced in limited runs and released in small quantities at a time. Additionally, certain Gold cards may no longer be available for purchase after the initial sales period and can only be acquired through exclusive events, giveaways, or special deals such as our quarterly mystery boxes! There will also be a total of 3 event-exclusive Precious Chibi cards, which will be revealed on their release date.

The Silver cards are designed to be more readily available and can be produced more frequently based on demand and popularity. While they are not individually numbered like the gold cards, each production batch will display the latest print date. We want every fan to have the chance to own a complete set of Precious Chibi cards, so don't miss out while they're still in stock!

Stay up-to-date with the latest releases of our Precious Chibi cards from Guilty Gear -Strive-! We'll keep this page updated with each character and version released. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just starting out, these cards will be an essential addition to any collector's haul!

Precious Chibi Cards 2023

Site Release Date and Production Timeline for Silver and Gold Cards