For ARC SHOP US Official Merchandise:

Please note that due to the limited production run of our official merchandise, all sales are final. Our merchandise is produced on a quarterly schedule, and most items are only available during one production run per year, which coincides with events like Anime Expo and fan requests. Once the initial pre-order window closes or a product sells out, we generally discontinue the item.

If a product is popular and approved for another production run, it may be slightly different from its previous release, such as different packaging, minor changes to details, or improved materials. Because each version of the same product can differ, we cannot accept returns once the merchandise has been shipped.

For Video Games:
You have 20 days from the date of delivery to REPLACE a product or components of a product (such as the outer box, a bonus item, etc.) that was damaged, defective, or compromised during shipping. Please send a support ticket by clicking on the red bubble on the bottom right side of this page.

If the full product needs to be replaced, be sure to send it in its entirety, with all components included, and unopened. Once we’ve received the item, we will replace the product. Please make sure that you use an insured shipping method to send the returned goods to us since we will not be responsible for any lost or misdirected packages.

*Because of the nature of Limited Editions, we cannot guarantee that we will have products or components of products in stock for replacements. In such case our customer service team will try to find a fair resolution.

For Packages Not Received or Returned as Undeliverable:
Please be aware that we are not liable for issues related to package delivery in the following situations. In such cases, orders will not be refunded or replaced:

  • Lost, stolen, or misdelivered packages by the shipping carrier.
  • Packages that were damaged, delayed, or destroyed due to severe weather conditions or other disasters.
  • Packages delivered to the wrong address due to customer input errors, such as spelling mistakes, missing apartment numbers, or failure to update address information.
  • Packages that show delivered but the customer claims stolen.
  • International packages that failed to clear customs because the customer refused to pay duties or import fees.
  • International packages that weren't delivered due to the customer being absent at the time of the delivery attempt.