Guilty Gear -Strive- Last Two Event Exclusive Precious Chibi Cards Revealed: MASKED JACK-O' & UNMASKED NAGORIYUKI!

How is everyone collecting the official Guilty Gear -Strive- Precious Chibi cards? Last year, we introduced this series in silver and gold, with only the gold cards being serialized.

Fans of this collectible series may already be aware that there will be a total of three event-exclusive cards, making these cards the most coveted in the lot. The reason for their rarity is that event-exclusive cards cannot be directly purchased; they are reserved for participation in special events like Anime Expo or our site's event bundles and quarterly mystery boxes!

The first event-exclusive card announced was Bedman?! This card premiered at the ARC SYSTEM WORKS Anime Expo 2023 Booth in Los Angeles. Since then, numerous fans have eagerly awaited news about the last two event-exclusive cards. Well, the wait is now over, friends!

ARC SHOP US is delighted to unveil MASKED JACK-O & UNMASKED NAGORIYUKI as the second and third event-exclusive Precious Chibi Cards! In celebration of this, we will be adding one randomly selected silver or gold card to our New Year Early Access Merch Box!

Those who have already pre-ordered will automatically receive this event-exclusive bonus card with their order! We consistently strive to show appreciation to our early supporters! We love our early supporters, and can't thank you enough for your unwavering enthusiasm and support!

For those who haven't yet pre-ordered your New Year Early Access Merch Box, be sure to secure yours before the event ends this month! If you stumble upon this post after the event period ended, stay tuned – more exciting stuff is on the horizon! And, of course, sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop! Happy collecting!

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